For shipments to be sent with byrd, they must first be imported into the system. There are 3 different ways to do this. 

1. Create a shipment manually 

Select the function "Create shipment" and then the tab "Create manually". In the next step, fill in the required information in the fields and complete the shipment by clicking on "Create".

2. Import from shop 

Before you can import shipments from your shop, you have to connect it to our system. As soon as the connection is established, you can automatically send shipments from your shop with us. To import the shipments from your online shop, select the "Shop Import" tab. A form opens that shows your open orders. This can take a few seconds because the data is imported directly from your shop. Simply tick the items you want to send with us and click "Import".

3. Import CSV 

Shipments can also be imported into our system via CSV file. This means that you can create a large number of shipments with a single upload and commission their processing. Are you interested in using the CSV upload? Then please send us an email so that we can activate the function in your account.